My stay in England

During this summer my friend Paul and I spent one week  at my friend’s uncle’s, in Wales and in London too for one week.


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We have visited heaps of monuments there to be visited and historic places.


Thanks to this blog I share with you, Internet users, this very enriching experience.

Our visits in Wales and in London

During our stay, we visited the Millennium Stadium, which is the national stadium of the Wales; as such it accommodates in particular the meetings of the Welsh teams of rugby union and soccer.


As well as the cathedral of Llandaff which is one of the two cathedrals of Cardiff, being the other one the Cathedral Saint David of Cardiff, catholic, in the city center.


Furthermore with my friend and his uncle, we also decided to visit London.


This city is full of incredible things to be seen : Mrs Tussauds’s museum, National Gallery and of course Buckingam Palace.


We liked a lot all these visits because they allowed me of to know more about it on this country.

Millenium Stadium

It is a multifunction stadium of 74 500 seats situated in Cardiff. It was inaugurated in 1999.
The first taking place meeting is a test rugby match in XV between the national teams of the Wales and South Africa there, on June 26th, 1999. The victory 29 in 19 of the Welsh people is them first and only success against South Africans.


It’s the national stadium of the Wales; as such it accommodates in particular the meetings of the Welsh teams of rugby union and soccer. It also welcomes other events such as the special stage of the Rally of Great Britain, the motorcycle race of the Rally of Great Britain, the boxing and a large number of musical concert as Tina Turner, Madonna, The Rolling Stones and U2.



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Llandaff Cathedral

It’s the seat of the Diocese of Llandaff of the church in Wales, Anglican.

It’s situated in the district of Llandaff and dedicated in Saint Peter and Saint-Paul as well as to three Welsh saints : Dubrice de Llandaf (in Welsh: Dyfrig), Teilo and Oudoceus (in Welsh: Euddogwy).

The current building was built in the XIIth century on the site of a former church.

Mrs. Tussauds’s Museum

Madam Tussauds is the name of the wax museum based in 1835 in London by Marie Tussaud.


Madam Tussauds’s museums exist also in several cities of Europe (Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna, Blackpool); of America (Las Vegas, New York, Washington, Hollywood); of Asia (Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo) and of Oceania (Sydney).


During this visit, I was able to see among all these wax statues that of Queen Elisabeth II, that of Michael Jackson as well as that of Susan Boyle who was on visit. My friend and I did not know her. It’s my friend’s uncle who explained us that she had become famous by winning on 2009, Britain’s got talent. I asked him if I could photograph her and she accepted. She is very nice for a star.


I will never forget this visit.


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The National Gallery

It is a museum situated in London and occupying the North of Trafalgar Square. It holds an artistic heritage dating from 1250 till 1900.


National Gallery keeps some of the most beautiful paintings of the world, and if we can admire some national works there (William Turner, John Constable, Thomas Gainsborough), the main part is established by foreign paintings which recover all the art history of the Middle Ages at the end of the XIXth century, with major components of:Paul Cézanne; Édouard Manet, Michel Ange, Claude Monet, Rembrandt, Auguste Renoir,  Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer,  Léonard de Vinci.

Buckingam Palace

It is the official residence of the British sovereigns.

The palace is at the same time the place where occur the events in connection with the royal family, the place of welcome of many heads of state on visit, and an important tourist attraction.


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English stereotypes

They drink a lot

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They know all the sketches of Monty Python

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They hate French People

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They have all a photography of the Queen Elizabeth II in

their living room 

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They are all far too polite

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They are all more or less a Lord of a thing

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They drink the tea every day at 5 pm

by eating small biscuits

It is permanently raining at their home

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They look at the BBC all the time where every piece

of news rings as the end of the world

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